• IFA 900/950/960

IFA 900/950/960

(computerized campimeter IFA SERIES)


Standard Full Field White on White Perimetry

The IFA series offer a wide range of test patterns and strategies, including T30-2, T24-2, T10-2 for glaucoma diagnosis and T-Macula for macula function assessment. In addition, special test patterns like driver feasibility, monocular/binocular social security disability are also included. For better detection of visual field loss caused by early stage glaucoma, points of T30-2 and T24-2 are cautiously configured on the most sensitive position of retinal nerve fiber bundle.

Regionally Condensed Stimuli Test

VisuScience IFA950/960 perimeter offer a unique function called regionally condensed stimuli test. It enables doctors to add more stimuli around each standard stimulus to increase the accuracy in detecting vision loss.

IFA 900/950/960

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