• PalmScan AP2000 PRO

PalmScan AP2000 PRO

(AScan and Pachymeter)


PalmScan AP2000 AScan and Pachymeter system combines the of features of PalmScan A2000 AScan and P2000 Pachymeter into one, multi-function AScan and Pachymeter device that provides surgeons with state-of-the-art tools for success with cataract surgeries – particularly with premium IOL implants.

The A2000 AScan system has been clinically proven to be as accurate as laser interferometer systems. It is capable of penetrating the most dense cataract eyes and features both applanation (contact) and immersion settings. The system is capable of interfacing to the K2000 Auto-Keratometer device to create a truly comprehensive biometry solution for cataract surgeons. The built-in IOL calculator simplifies the IOL selection process with the ability to enter desired IOLs.

AScan features include:

  • Clinically proven to be as accurate as partial coherence interferometry
  • Contact and immersion captures
  • Compatible with EZ-Tip Immersion soft shell for easiest and cleanest immersion biometry
  • Perform immersion without having to recline your patient
  • Compatible with traditional hard immersion shells
  • Dense Cataract Penetration – not limited by the density of the cataract lens
  • Built-In IOL calculator with advance formulas
  • Post Lasik correction of keratometry
  • EMR compatible
  • Unlimited storage of patient data
  • Generate comprehensive PDF reports
  • 10 MHz probe with fixation light
  • One Year Warranty

Pachymetry Features Include:

  • Corneal waveform display
  • 50 MHz probe frequency (highest on the market)
  • 264 MHz sampling frequency (highest on the market)
  • Central and Peripheral Corneal Thickness measurement
  • IOP adjustment
  • Patient database with Archiving features
  • Measurement through a single use tip cover
  • Timed captures
  • DSEAK ultra-thin flap measurements
  • and much more…

PalmScan AP2000 PRO

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