(Video System - LCD)


High-resolution LCD 17-inch

Wide range of popular charts

Vector optotypes and charts

Optotypes randomization

Contrast sensitivity testing, contrast charts testing and Video & Audio playing

Based on stable Linux platform

Free Built-in software upgrades for the life of the instrument

User-friendly remote controller

Excellent CPU inside makes expanding further functions available

High-Resolution, East-to-Use Acuity Chart

Features a full range of specialty charts and ototypes, sensitivity test, and video and audio capat

Type 17-inch XGA Panel with long-lasting backlight
Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
Brightness 160cd/m 2 (min. )
Optotypes Tumbling E, Landolt C, Alphabet, Numbers, Children.
Mask type Single Mask, Horizontal Mask, Vertical Mask, White/Black Mask, Red/Green Mask
Special Chart ETDRS, Contrast Sensitivity Test, Contrast Test, Ishihara, Cross Cylinder, Astigmatic Fan Dial, Cross Grid, Fixation Spot Test, Stereo Test, Red/Green Panel, Worth Four-Dot Test, Red/Green Balance, Street Lamp, Horizontal Coincidences, Vertical Coincidences, Schober
Remote Control
Battery IR Remote, AAA Battery
Other functions Video Playing, Audio Playing, Randomization Optotypes Playing, Mirror function, Screen Saver function, Standby function
Power Supply Input: AC 220V-230V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz Output: 12V DC Consumption: 20Watt (max)
Visus Unit Decimal (0.04)-(2.0) 20ft (500)-(10) 6m (150)-(3) LogMAR (-0.3)-(1.4) 5-Grade (3.6)-(5.3)
Working Distance 2m- 7m (in steps of 0.1m)
Standard Accessories Remote Controller, Wall Bracket, Desk Bracket, Red/Green Glasses, Optotypes Card, Power Cable, AC-DC Adapter

C901 - Acuity Chart

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  • Weight: 7.00kg
  • Dimensions: 500.00 X 440.00 X 210.00 mm

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